Batumi dolphinarium opened in 1975. At that time it was the first demonstrative dolphinarium in former Soviet Union. It used to belong to the greatest dolphinariums of the world. The existence of the dolphinarium, with the other sightseeings, made the town and the whole region more attractive for tourists. Not only our citizens attended the dolphins show, but the desirous arriving especially for this event. Exactly such immense popularity of the dolphinarium determined the dolphin to become the symbol of the town. At the beginning of 90-ies due to the difficulties caused by the political-economic situation in the country the dolphinarium stopped functioning.

After 20-year pause completely new dolphinarium was set in the motion by the initiative of Batumi City Hall and with the effort of the charity fund “Cartu” . Currently it is one of the components of the LTD “Black Sea Flora and Fauna Scientific Research Center”. The design and projecting belongs to the famous American companies TJP Engineering and RCK. The item was equipped by the charity fund “Cartu” with the association of “ATU”. It represents a modern designed building that provides the latest requirements for holding the marine mammals in captivity. It consists of different living pools for pinnipeds and cetaceans (the whole capacity of water is 3 724 000 liters), two subsidiary (each 812 000 litres), and the quarantine pools. Water capacity is mechanically filtered in every 2 hours as a result of the recirculation by life support system, the water is purified by ozone and returns to the pools afterwards. Additionally, the water temperature (min 14-15 C˚ max 27-28 C˚), salinity and PH are controlled constantly. At the same time the chemical and bacteriological quality of water is monitored. The animals are supervised by qualified specialists (all the prevention measurements onsidered).

The dolphinarium amphitheatre is divided into 4 sectors and consists of 703 seats. The infrastructure includes serving the disabled people with wheelchairs and elevators.

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