“6 May park” was transferred to “Black sea flora and fauna scientific educational-research centre” from Batumi City Hall.

“6 May Park’s” territory is 151445.00 sq/m. In the center of the park is the amazing “Nurigeli” Lake, Bushy plantation, coniferous and decorative trees are presented here, cypresses. There are educational places, such as Dolphinarium, Zoo corner, Aquarium. Other places: Attractions, Sun clock, Stone Fountain and free parking. It should be noted that ,,Black sea flora and fauna educational Scientific-research centre“ offers to its customer any kind of service and its rates are much more cheaper than in other countries.

 “6 May Park” is one of the oldest public Park in Georgia. It is 130 years old. Mostly distinguished in the park is relict of ancient trees, beautiful bushy trees and gorgeous flower plants.  Green Lawns covered with dark green grass. Here in a peaceful environment you can enjoy birds twitter. Watch the lake and enjoy a variety of entertainment facilities.

Dolphinarium is modern design architectural building, which is equipped with newest technology. Here you can see species of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.

Demonstration aquarium attracts the visitors with exotic fishes as well as with Black Sea fishes.

Zoo Corner consists of 3 departments: sector A - primates and birds, sector B – marsupial animals and C – Hoofed animals.    

Attractions are designed for children between the ages of 12 and pre-school.

Main goal of research centre is to get important place in educational environment. This includes investigations of black sea flora and fauna, improving study-research base for students and assisting specialists of capacity building. Our current projects are:

1. Rehabilitation of Black Sea mammals

2. Sea Mammals reproductive program

3. Dolphin therapy, which includes:

  • Swimming with dolphins 
  • Dolphin assisted Nature psychotherapy of disabled children

4. Sea Lions educational show

5. Dolphins educational show

“Black sea flora and fauna educational Scientific-Research Center” Ltd participates in students courses, diploma and other scientific-research works. Main purpose of rehabilitation centre of sea mammals is to save and rehabilitate dolphins casted ashore. In this regard care about Ecological-biological education of youth generation.

“Black sea flora and fauna educational Scientific-Research Centre” Ltd. is ready in case of dolphins casting on Black Sea shore to transport them to the centre on its own account and by its own means, if necessary provide qualified veterinary aid and conduct their rehabilitation.

“Black sea flora and fauna educational Scientific-Research Centre” Ltd  Cooperates with Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Tbilisi Ilia Chavchavadze University, National Environment Agency Black Sea Monitoring Centre, Tbilisi Zoo Park, Batumi Botanical Garden.

Dolphinarium is equipped with water chemical and bacteriological laboratories, ultramodern devices necessary for veterinary and clinical-biochemical studies. Center shall be served by respective qualification specialists, having multiyear experience in marine mammals’ care-storage field in noogenic environments in Georgia as well as abroad.

150 employees work at “Black sea flora and fauna study Scientific-Research Center” Ltd, where 55of them have 30 years working experience in this field.

“Black sea flora and fauna educational Scientific-Research Center” Ltd. implements any activity not prohibited under legislation of Georgia and International legislature.

Lake Carousels Dolphinarium Sunwatch Stone Fountain Zoocenter Aquarium